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A transcript of an oral history interview is, in the words of one style guide, at best an imperfect representation of an oral interview. The transcribers most important task is to render as close a replica to the actual event as possible. Interestingly, while technology in the form of the tape recorder is responsible in part for the spread of oral history techniques, technology is also to blame in part for the need for oral history. Rather than write letters, for instance, people travel to see each other or they make telephone calls that dissolve into air.

In 1967, American oral historians founded the Oral History Association, and British oral historians founded the Oral History Society in 1969. In 1981, Mansel G. Blackford, a business historian at Ohio State University, argued that oral history was a useful tool to write the history of corporate mergers. [43 Family History Sample Outline and Questions: The following outline can be used to structure a family oral history interview and contains examples of specific questions.

Oral History in the Digital Age: the following texts are designed to give you the latest information on best practices in curating oral histories. As microessays and case studies, the texts are designed to be easily updated and revised as technologies change.

You are invited to leave your comments or turn to Like It Was: A Complete Guide to Writing Oral History Paperback September 1, 1988. by Cynthia Stokes Brown (Author) Visit Amazon's Cynthia Stokes Brown Page.

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