Is fraternity good for resume

Many of these organizations operate at the top business schools in the country, and membership does carry a certain cachet that looks good on a resume. But the experience gained in a business fraternity only goes so far, Chittenden cautions. How can the answer be improved?

Additionally, many sororities and fraternities are involved in community service and charitable activities, which employers react favorably to, she explains. Another benefit: You may end up interviewing with someone who was in the same sorority or fraternity, and you'll have an instant connection which can be a great icebreaker when you're When it comes to making and sending out a marketable resume, it is often asked whether or not it is appropriate to put ones membership in a fraternity or sorority on a resume.

It is not surprising that many people wrestle with this question. It is a popular recruitment tactic to tell perspective new members that joining a fraternity will look good on their resume. I can tell you, after many years in corporate America, that simply being in a fraternity really doesnt matter. The last and possibly greatest advantage of Greek life is the housing, which is often less expensive than the university housing, and allows you to live with people who you have something in common with.

Cons: Although the Greek life has many advantages, there are some disadvantages. For starters, fraternities and sororities require membership Your Fraternity As a Reference. Utilizing your chapter advisor as a reference on your resume can be helpful because in most cases he will be a goodstanding member of the faculty or college staff.

Mar 06, 2008  Although some employers look specifically for a fraternity background, alot of people have a very, very negative connotation associated with it. There is a dilute picture of the Greek system to be an extremely cliquish way for Okay, so an employer will now see that you were a" President; " let's draw more attention away from your scary fraternity or sorority name: make your position pop.

Your rsum should be no longer than one page if you are a recent graduate. Apr 02, 2007 I was in a fraternity and was the president so I know the benefits and what it entails (especially with regard to dealing with the police and university) but I've never looked at a resume lacking a fraternity and thought anything is wrong with it.

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