How to write an old diary entry

The first essay was" Write a diary entry in which you describe a place you would love to live in. " I remember I had worked hard at that essay and probably I ran out of point because of the wild imaginative things I included in this essay. Jul 04, 2018 How to Write a Diary. Four Parts: Sample Diary Entries Making Decisions about Your Diary Writing Diary Entries Personalizing Your Diary Community Q& A.

Diaries are wonderful objects that give writers a chance to let out pent up emotions, record dreams or ideas, and reflect on daily life. She began each diary entry by writing 'Dear Kitty. ' In the novel, The Color Purple, the protagonist writes letters to God, and this collection of letters serve as a sort of diary for her.

Beyond those conventions, a diary can take on many different forms. To Write a Diary Entry with Penzu. Penzu offers easytouse diary software, so you can create a digital diary that can be accessed anywhere. Go to Penzu. com to create a free account. Create a login and password you will easily remember. Jul 09, 2008 Write your birthday and your age so that you'll remember how old you were when you started the diary. Include your hair and eye color, along with other identifying features.

Include where you are going to school andor where you work. Writing historical diary entries based on real journals A while back, I talked about how much our family enjoyed using journaling ideas for writing across the curriculum. Even though the journaling tips and examples would work for all ages, they are especially effective with younger children, even prereaders.

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