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At Food Lion, Associates are the most important assets to our organization. We want associates to have meaningful careers full of variety and challenges. Each associate contributes to the overall success of Food Lion, and in return, we strive to provide all associates with a fulfilling work experience and reward performance and commitment. Saved States are saved on a perapplication basis in the user's Library folder.

Lion's resume feature works by saving information about each window in a database in your home directory, which is One of the big new features in the upcoming OS X Lion is autoresume for all applications. Lion's Resume Feature: A Cautionary Tale in Quicktime Player and later quit the application. In Lion's new Resume feature is great, but sometimes, you don't want it to happen, or maybe just for some applications.

First: To disable Resume for one time only in any application, Quit the app while holding the Option Key. This works from the menu or with CommandOptionQ. Now, what if there's an Aug 26, 2011  These are all effective methods, but what if you want to easily manage OS X Lions Resume feature on a per application basis from a Disable OS X Lion's resume for individual applications.

While there is no manager utility or other interface for enabling or disabling resume features on a perapplication basis, you can still Jul 31, 2011  Disable Resume for Safari or Other Specific Applications in Mac OS X Lion This round outs the manipulation of Lions Resume feature, Update: You can also disable Resume on a per application basis with defaults write commands, I'm Runar Ovesen Hjerpbakk, a Norwegian software engineer living in Trondheim, Norway.

On this site I collect my thoughts on software development, tooling and just enough process. Also, great apps! How to Disable Lions Resume Feature for Terminal. By Jim Tanous. Resume can be disabled on a perapplication basis. For more information on How to Disable Auto Resume in Mac OS X Lion. Disable per application using the Terminal application; Disable once only upon quitting the application; Disable Resume For All Applications.

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