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Home Academic Job Search CV Part 2. Academic Job Search CV Part 2 The Elements and How To Put Them Together. help demonstrate this ability by listing specific courses you would offer in that subfield. Publications, Work Submitted, Work in Progress and Research Interests Today, Petra wrote me asking how to include citations on her resume.

If you are in an academic or scientific career, citing your research, publications, posters, and presentations is important. Listing your publications on a page separate from the rest of your resume is best when you have an extensive publication history spanning several years.

In this case, your publishing history could play an important role in whether you are hired or not. Resume Guide: Incorporating Research Project Experiences On your resume, discuss the project, your involvement and outcomes to impress the employer about your research experience.

Research Experience Research Publications Research Presentations How to Describe your Research: Highlighting Research on Your Resume Research experience is a valued activity in the educational experience and should be showcased on or Research and Publications if the project was published or presented.

If listing research in its own section, list the projects based on Publications and Presentations Extracurricular and Volunteer Experience Interests OPTIONAL (as needed) Objective Certifications and Licensure Professional Affiliations Professional ActivitiesResearch Added Qualifications. Curriculum Vitae Education If listing research, include the lab and directorprinciple Publications S. V. N. Vishwanathan Microsoft Research and Yahoo! joint colloquium, Bangalore, India, August 12, 2009.

International Conference on Machine Learning, Montreal, Canada, June 14, 2009. 12. New QuasiNewton Methods for E cient LargeScale Machine Learning (keynote) Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Resume Section. Choose which section of your resume to list this experience based on the position you are applying for and whether you have more than one resume entry for research experience.

Writing publications on a resume is not among the most common sections because it is quite specific and is mostly used by academics or PR and marketing professionals. Generally viewed as important in a scientific or academic resume, its key that listing publications on a resume is done in an organized manner and presented according to Resume Writing Tips Your resume is a marketing document; thus, it delivers a specific message about you to your target audience.

The finished product should be a simple, clean summary of your qualifications.

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