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One of America's homegrown music genres, country music remains as popular today as it was in the past. Use the essay prompts in this lesson to Free country music papers, essays, and research papers. Essay Paper on Country Music The roots of modern country music go back to post World War II America, a time of great shifts and changes in the social life of the country. For Country music began in rural America.

James Charles Rodgers was known as the" Father of Country Music". He was born in Meridian, Mississippi on September 8, 1897. Although some musicians had been playing what was then known as" Old Time Music"it wasn't until August 1, 1927 in Bristol, Tennessee, that country music really began.

Country Music Essay Sample Music is the melody and the language of our hearts. It is an external manifestation of the aspirations, love, sorrow that we feel. Country music takes beats of rock and roll, it takes the soul of the good ole drinking music, and it takes the heart of old gospel 3 694: Music makes the world go round Professor Ott Paper 1 Music makes the world go round Music besides money is another thing that makes the world go round.

The founding father of country music, Chuck Berry built a strong background of his music, thus attracting a huge number of fans across and the globe, as well as other musicians (Scaruffi, 2009). However, it is apparent that there is a difference from the country rock fans and the rock fans in general. But what happens you are supposed to write an essay on country music for your college application? For music students preparing to enroll in college, the most crucial portion of the application is the essay portion.

Country Music Essay Examples. 13 total results. An Introduction to the History of the Fiddle. 876 words. An Introduction to the History and Origins of Country Music in the United States. 878 words. 2 pages. Country Music: Tunes of the South. 469 words. 1 page.

A Definition of Country Folks. 720 words. 2 pages. Company. About Us; Contact; Essay on Country Music Whether the song is one of wartime, peace, or just plain admiration and love for America, country music has always set an ideology of patriotism. One reason country music does this is because it represents a class of America that has historically set a precedent of pride in America.

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