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This will help your supervisor to understand the theoretical case for your dissertation upon which your research strategy is based. It will also allow you to spend the majority of the meeting discussing your research strategy, which is the main thing you need to discuss with your supervisor. I am nearing the end of my PhD and I would quite like to buy a" thank you" gift for my supervisor (although, she's the socially awkward type who I'm sure will be Dissertation supervisor gift embarrassed to receive one) What is a good gift for a PhD advisor?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 20 Answers. Mark Baker, Polytropos, polymetis, hardbound copy of your dissertation. Yes, your supervisor might get an examination copy, depending on the assessment procedure at your university. The best gift I ever received from a student was an MRE. The Is it appropriate to buy a thank you gift for a PhD supervisor? 9 answers I will be defending my dissertation in this Summer and I'm planning to give a gift to my advisor.

I'm not quite sure what would be the best and meaningful gift for a professor receiving from hisher student. Apr 19, 2011  Presents for dissertation supervisor watch. Announcements. I am nearing the end of my dissertation and I have had a really nice dissertation supervisor who has been very helpful and I want to give her a thankyou card, chocolate (ferro roches) and wine?

I'm giving my supervisor a gift too but on my graduation day and Sep 11, 2008  Dear SW and Alice, I will soon defend my dissertation, and I dont know whether it is customary or acceptable or expected to give I'm at the ending of my degree and I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor, not only for supervising my undergraduate dissertation, but also for being there for me, for continuous academic and moral support throughout these 3 difficult years.

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